What's to do at Company Car in Action

electric vehicle at Company Car in ActionCompany Car in Action is a unique opportunity in a unique environment.

  • Put the latest company car models through their paces on test circuits specifically designed for the role that are normally closed to the public.
  • Compare, back to back, a wide range of cars and discuss your views with experts from each manufacturer back at their stand.
  • Gather a wealth of product knowledge through test drives so you can make meaningful comparisons and choice list decisions.
  • Make the most of your time out of the office  test drives, networking, debates and more
  • Assess vehicles that emit 130g/km or below of CO2, which qualifies them for enhanced capital allowances to reduce your running costs.
  • Put electric & hybrid vehicles through their paces on our dedicated test track.


Why attend?

  • Company Car in Action is the UK's biggest fleet test drive event
  • You'll be able to meet the major fleet brands in one emmergency services vehicle at company car in actionplace at one time
  • Evaluate a wide range of models with back-to-back comparative test drives
  • See and drive more vehicles in a day than you might test in many months in normal circumstances
  • Meet suppliers and discuss your views and requirements for the future
  • Network with other fleet professionals and gain their valuable feedback
  • Widen your product knowledge so you can make informed business decisions
  • Enjoy added value aspects of the day, including pro-drives and off-roading
  • Experience driving models without the stress of traffic jams, roadworks or speed cameras
  • Relax, knowing that business decisions are easier, thanks to attending Company Car in Action
  • Enhance your knowledge of low-CO2 vehicles that can cut emissions and cut costs for your business


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