The Great Debates

Taking place across the two days, there will be a debate each day at CCIA. Held in the exhibition hall, these open forum debates encourage interaction with fleet operators and help to inform and educate on two of the hot topics facing fleet managers in their roles.



Fuel choices - taking fleets beyond diesel

Day 1 - Tuesday 13th June 2017

Diesel accounts for more than 80% of tax-paying company cars, but the debate is raging about the future of fuel choices for companies. While taxation still promotes diesel, some cities including London are actively discouraging the fuel. Should fleets switch back to petrol, or do electric vehicles and hybrids hold the answer? If change is needed, when should fleets make the switch? What would it mean for wholelife costs, including taxation and residual values? How will drivers respond? This debate will look at the key questions facing the market and consider how fleet managers need to respond to maintain an efficient and effective car fleet.

Technology and safety - managing connected cars and autonomy

Day 2 - Wednesday 14th June 2017

Modern technology has transformed business, leading to the ‘always available’ employee. But for fleets, it is critical to safely embed technology within an effective risk management policy to avoid the dangers of distracted drivers and avoidable collisions. How do fleet policies need to adapt to cover the universal use of smartphones and the growing use of connected cars? What training demands does this place on businesses? In addition, how can technology be used to reduce the risks drivers face on the road, through the use of systems such as telematics and dashboard cameras. What impact will the introduction of cars capable of greater levels of autonomous driving have and how will companies need to adapt? This debate will consider the essential strategies needed to benefit from the best of modern technology, while mitigating the potential risks.

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